Platform code6801000
Platform nameAntares
DescriptionMouillage de fond MOOSE
Data CentreOceanSITES
Mooring NameAntares - Ligne de mouillage MOOSE
Nominal Latitude42.79
Nominal Longitude6.16
Pi NameDominique Lefevre
Platform Oceansites CodeANTARES
Platform Wmo Code6801000
PttOnce a year - post precessed data - send by mail from PI
Eulerian networksMOOSE Mediterranean project, OceanSITES moorings, MOOSE
Available dataFrom 03/09/2002 to 03/04/2016
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Physical parameters Depth, Sea temperature from oxygen sensor, Oxygen saturation, Molar dissolved oxygen

Sea temperature from oxygen sensor

Oxygen saturation

Molar dissolved oxygen