Platform code31002
Platform namePIRATA BUOY : 4N 38W : FREVO
DescriptionPIRATA BUOY
Data CentreOceanSITES
Mooring NameFREVO
Nominal Latitude4
Nominal Longitude-38
Platform Oceansites Code31002
Platform Wmo Code31002
Eulerian networksPIRATA/FR11BIS, OceanSITES moorings, PIRATA Argo floats
Available dataFrom 20/02/1999 to 17/06/2023
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Physical parameters Depth, Practical salinity, Sea temperature, Air temperature in dry bulb, Relative humidity, Sea density (sigma-theta)

Practical salinity

Sea temperature

Air temperature in dry bulb

Relative humidity

Sea density (sigma-theta)