Platform code6200450
Platform nameIroise Stanne
DescriptionBouée SNO Coast HF - Iroise StAnne
Institution(s)IFREMER, Institut Français de Recherche pour l'Exploitation de la Mer | INSU, Institut National des Sciences de l'Univers | Institut Universitaire Europeen de la Mer (IUEM) | University of Western Brittany (UBO) |
Nominal Latitude48.35796
Nominal Longitude-4.55175
Platform Oceansites CodeIroise
Platform Wmo Code6200450
Eulerian networksMarel
Available dataFrom 18/07/2000 to 23/09/2023
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Physical parameters Depth, Practical salinity, Sea temperature, Electrical conductivity, Dissolved oxygen, Atmospheric pressure at sea level, Horizontal wind speed, Wind from direction relative true north, Air temperature in dry bulb, Oxygen saturation, Gust wind speed, Ph, Turbidity, Altitude, Fluorescence, Mass concentration of oxygen, Battery voltage, Pump flow at end of cycle, Gust wind from direction relative true north

Practical salinity

Sea temperature

Electrical conductivity

Dissolved oxygen

Atmospheric pressure at sea level

Horizontal wind speed

Wind from direction relative true north

Air temperature in dry bulb

Oxygen saturation

Gust wind speed





Mass concentration of oxygen

Battery voltage

Pump flow at end of cycle

Gust wind from direction relative true north